Monday, September 27, 2010

Porridge and Starbucks

I know it has been a LONG time since I've updated. But here's an update from the "scene of the crime" itself. I am currently stuck in Starbucks so I decided to update a little.

Me and Phish met up after 2 weeks of not seeing each other. We went to Empire Gallery in Subang Jaya just to chill out. Well, I chilled, she didn't. She brought her homework and drew while I transferred some anime into her external hard disk.

So hardworking~

Anyway, we didn't start our trip in Starbucks. We ate at some porridge shop in Empire. It was yummy and cheap. =D

Porridge and yao tiao = RM3.90

Yummy right? Here's the menu. 

Kindly click to enlarge the picture. =)

Phish just hadda stack the bowls up. xD

Spiral slide.

Cool right? We saw it while walking to Starbucks. It's some kind of slide thingy but it was closed. =( If it wasn't, me and Phish would be sliding our asses from the 4th floor to down. 

Spiral slide~

Ipanema (choco cake) from Starbucks = RM8.80
We bought just that and sat in Starbuck for 2 hours. Hey, can't complain when there is free wifi and comfy sofa. xD

That's all folks! =D