Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mummy's Early B'day Celebration!

Yes, it's my dearest mama's birthday celebration with food!! I should really make this a food blog instead of just a normal blog. There is just too much food in this blog.

Anyways, it was last Sunday that my Yee Yee decided to have an early birthday celebration for my mum because she couldn't celebrate with her on the actuall day. Reason? Because she will be in Pulau Tioman for holidays during the actual day. We met Yee Yee and the rest of the family in Bukit Tinggi Aeon for lunch after church and headed to Dragon-i (Mummy's choice) =D


We sat down and then looked through the menu. I was actually distracted by my cousin, Rachel so I didn't really pay attention to the name of the food nor its price. =S But it doesn't really matter. What matters are those yummy pictures of FOOD!!

Lemon Barley = RM3
I remembered this because this was a little unusual in the list of drinks. I remember the price as well because I was a little skeptical with the chinese tea price which was RM2. Lemon Barley was just one buck extra and it's yummy. =D

Lemon in the Barley

Mummy's Lai Mien. Tastes like spicy shark fin soup. xD
Papa's Lai Mien with fried pork. =D 
 Yee Yee and the family ate so it was only us that ordered food. My bro's food was too far away to reach and he started eating before i could snap so minus his dish and here's mine.

Wanna take a peek?
If I'm not mistaken, this is steam rice with pork and potato. =)
After all that food, the waitress cleared up the table and took the cake we bought to the kitchen to open it up. So while waiting for it, we had photo shoot session. =D

My pretty mummy!!
My Yee Yee and youngest cousin, Daniel. =D
Then the cake arrived and photo shoot session 2 took place. =D

Tiramisu Cake
To Dearest Cathy. =) 
Smile =D
Mummy, Yee Yee and Daniel. SO CUTE!!
Daniel : ngeh ngeh.. The cake is all mine!! xD
Family Photo. =D Bro, Mum, me and Dad.
The adults. Dad, Mum, Yee yee and Yee Cheong.
Cutting cake!
Present from Yee Yee!! =D
Ignore the flower on the last picture. The present is the Oolong Cha (tea). =D Awesome. Thank you Yee Yee!!

Mummy's birthday is tomorrow. So here goes..

MAMA dearest!! Happy Birthday!! =DD

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  1. Thank Gawd for mah cereals or i will die of hunger reading ur post *__*

    Happy burfday, Auntie ;D